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A web app to draw your own logo by singing. The notes were detected in real time, and depending on note where translated in to ancient Latvian signs that formed the official logo.
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Every five years Latvians host the National Song and Dance Celebration - "Dziesmusvētki". We needed to engage people of digital age to participate in an ancient celebration.


The whole nation is fond of the singing celebration. But most of people only are OK with singing in the comfort of their home, because no one is judging.


To create world’s first logo that everyone can draw by singing. Our challenge was to create an algorithm to recognize notes and to translate them in real time in to graphical signs.


Together with McCANN Riga, we created a web app that would translate musical notes to symbols that would become an official logo of the event. People could choose folk-songs or sing whatever they like. An application in real time would draw notes of the song converted to ancient symbols, which would line up in a wreath like personalized logo.


This generative approach to designing the logo opened the celebration for everyone to participate and encouraged free use of this traditional heritage.
We were able to engage people and let them create personalized content ready to be saved in vector format, e-mailed, printed or shared online. 
All of the choirs, who participated in this celebration, sang their own logos that were used on their flags and t-shirts. A lot of celebrities participated in the campaign and sang their own personalized logos.