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To demonstrate that only one glass separates a driver and a murderer, we captured a 360° video from the drunken drivers point of view, and created a digital solution for people to experience it first hand.
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Convince people to stay away from driving under the influence of alcohol during and after the Latvian National celebration of Summer Solstice.


You feel a lot worse emotionally if you end another persons life, and survive the crash yourself, while driving drunk. Only one glass separates a driver from a possible killer.


Create a digital solution that would provide a point of view (POV) experience of a car crash under the influence, and emotionally engage the audience.


We used a 360° degree camera to capture the POV experience of the drunk driver, who wakes up in the middle of the car crash. And then we transfered this experience, creating a digital solution in which any person could participate and experience the effects of drunk driving.

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