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An app, approved by National Center for Education, to effectively teach mathematics for pre-school kids in a more engaging way.
animation / character development / graphic design / identity / android app / ios app /


The client wanted to create a more suitable and engaging teaching solution for pre-school and elementary school children that would encourage children to:

-        do some exercises on a daily basis, 

-        on their own initiative.


Conventional teaching methods are not effective for the new generation. With the rise of technologies it is almost impossible to engage them in a typical classroom setting, as the attention span has become a lot shorter. 


An educational app, that would engage children and encourage them to do math and other exercises, motivated by the game-like mechanic, and teachers they recognize - playful animals.


We created an app based on educational standards set by National Center for Education „Gudrinieks”

7 types of exercises to develop mathematical understanding and skills:


for Android Play store and Apple appstore – „Gudrinieks” (eng. braniac; wise-guy). The app consisted of 7 different types of interactive exercises that were based on recommendations by the National Center for Education to develop mathematical understanding and skills:

•        Learning and recognition of numbers

•        Drawing numbers

•        Recognition of geometric shapes and colors

•        Logical thinking

•        Adding and subtracting

•        Multiplying and dividing

•        Solving word problems

To make it more playful we designed a character system consisting of different cute animals that were giving feedback when answers were right or wrong.


- The app is downloaded nearly 30 000 times.

- On the Google play store it is rated by 489 people, with the average rating of 4.39/5.

- The app was recommended by school teachers and was proved to be an effective educational tool for the new generation.

- Nominated/Short-listed for "Plat─źna pele 2014"

- Special award by "eSkills for Jobs" for exceptional digital solution for education