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web app for a charity campaign
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Usully when donating people don't know where the money goes. In this campaign we let donator to see how his contribution affected the exact equipment that's need to be bought for a rehab room. Percentage bar indicated each object's progress.
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Christmas is a time for sharing and giving happiness. For companies it’s time for charities. Unfortunately the most of charity campaigns are emphasizing the negative and cheerless aspects of the unfortunate ones.


Our client – TELE2 decided to do the opposite, and create a charity campaign filled with positive emotions and colours.


We created a web applicationa with a model of a rehabilitation room for children with equipement that was needed to be accumulated.
All the colourless objects were clickable – so everyone could choose what to donate for. And as donation were made you could see the colour fill the object and the percentage of the goal go up. Everyone could see the progress, not just on some progress bar - but with 'real' equipement units being collected. The room slowly became coloured and the needs fulfilled.


We were really happy for people responsiveness to this campaign. The money collected was double that expected, and most importantly - kids now have decently equipped rehab room.